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Quality policy

The mission of BULTRAF Ltd. is:

"to offer our customers quality products which should to the greatest extent satisfy and exceed their requirements and expectations ".

The vision of BULTRAF Ltd is oriented towards:
"working with our Customers as with our Partners and having the vision of a long-term partner with a strategic position”

and we achieve:

  • Meeting of the terms for the realization of the qualities agreed upon;
  • Guaranteed quality

Guiding principles of the Quality Management System: 

  • BULTRAF Ltd. is an organization directed to the customers;
  • The management board stipulates the aims and the guidelines of the company;
  • The achievement of the aims is a result of the higher efficiency of the production processes in the company;
  • The company processes are identified, realized and managed.

The management policy of BULTRAF Ltd. is directed to a full meeting of the requirements of all customers, constant improvement of the quality of the products offered and a constant improvement of the working conditions through an efficient usage of the human, material and financial resources. For the realization of such a policy, the management board with the help of the whole staff of the organization built up, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System.

The policy of our organization is oriented towards stabilization and a constant increase of the profit through efficient production and effective sales and in this way it maintains its place on the market and its social mission, as well as guarantee of the work places and a fair payment and keeping of proper relationships with our customers.

  • To guarantee the implementation of the quality policy within the frames of an efficient Quality Management System;
  • To plan and conduct differentiated training of the members of the staff;
  • To exercise control and to give appraisal of the Quality Management System as it periodically conducts - once a year - thorough analysis and appraisal of the efficiency of the Quality Management System including the implementation of the policy in respect with quality and achievement of the set tasks.

The main principles, to which the quality management of BULTRAF Ltd. is subject, are directed to:

  • orientation towards Customers
  • engagement of the collaborators
  • systematic approach of management
  • constant improvement